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Vehicle Details: 2008 Chevrolet Impala LT 3.5L - 2G1WT58N589117856, 245000, silver
Notes: Transmission replaced and serviced with new filter, oil pan gasket, cooler lines and torque converter. Full Tune-up: plugs, plug wires, pcv, pressure control solenoid, serpentine belt, air filter, oil & oil filter. Replaced wheel bearings and hubs, tie rod ends, motor mounts. No dents, dings nor rust!
Company car - Regular Service - no kids - clean - Gets really good mileage
blue book at $3,400 & up
Our Price - $ 2,895 to sell FAST
712-621-7222 - Mike


Countryside Auto, 1840 Boxelder Ave, Emerson IA 51533
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