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Dust to Dust

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In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,
till thou return unto the ground;
for out of it wast thou taken:
for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.
Genesis 3:19   
In The End All We Have Is Our Memories
By Jennifer Foster – from 11/14/12
Many times, it seems that people try to judge the quality of their life on what they have earned, achieved, or owned. While a lucrative job position, an exciting startup company, and a full bank account are great things to work towards, it is essential to remember that these things cannot completely define who we are. At some point, money has to be separated from the personal aspects of life and be shown as it really is… just a detail in the big picture.

While no one likes to think about the end of their days, living as if we will go on into perpetuity is not smart and will create more harm than good. Why? Because when it comes right down to it, all we have in the very end are our memories. Every second of every day gives us something to look back on. If we don’t see the value in time and make it a point to enjoy our life and live for today, there will come a moment when we will regret that choice.

Reflect on the last few days that have passed you by. What did you do? What could you have done? Who did you share your time with? Sure you could have filled volumes with the things that should have been improved upon, instead be thankful for what was there and move forward. You also have to use mistakes of yesterday to change my tomorrow. Refuse to be one of those people who stand at the end of their life, wishing they would have taken that chance, started that business, or done something great with their life.

So, as you finish up your day and move toward the future, try to be conscience of the memories being made, both personally and in your career path. Consider that chat you got to have with your old friend a blessing, instead of a distraction to your deadline. Count dinner with your family or a date with your spouse as the most important thing on your calendar. Don’t pass on owning a business that fulfills your passion because the pay is a little better somewhere else. Take your chance at being happy every time it is there.

Above all, do what you love to do, never give yourself reasons to regret decisions, and live your life as if it won’t last… because someday it will be over.
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