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Walk to Exercise

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Need a place to walk in the winter time?!.. The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital has two courses laid out for those that want to walk - one course is all on one level, while the other course incorporates stairs for an additional emphasis on your exercise program. Side Benefit?.. get to greet, and be greeted by, hospital staff and personnel regardless of the time of day that you chose to walk. And oh-by-the-way, you can walk virtually anytime since this is a facility that never closes.
When I first began, Kim, in Diagnositc Imaging (near the main entrance) walked me through the longer course. I would guess that just about any staff or maintenance person would do the same for you. Then you just look for the green apples!.. both courses are very well marked with green apple posters posted on the wall at eye-level (image shown on right), and at strategic locations throughout both courses. The one level course is 0.35 miles and the longer course that incorporates stairs is 0.45 miles.
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